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 Wild Caught Gulf Snapper

Our Wild Caught Gulf Snapper is a staple on restaurant menus around the south. We buy fresh catch in Galveston, Texas - from known captains with impeccable fishing practices. All of our snapper is 100% traceable and sustainably caught. 


Wild Caught I Sustainable I Traceable

Cooking Methods: Very versatile fish that can be broiled, baked, sauteed and fried.

Norwegian Salmon

Our Atlantic Salmon is harvested, filleted, portioned and blast frozen within 48 hours of leaving the icy waters of Norway.  The meticulous way in which these fish are cared for lends itself to a moist and flaky texture coupled with a mild and crisp taste.  

Farm Raised in Norway I No Antibiotics I No Color Added I All Natural Diet of vegetable and marine raw materials I Open ocean net pens (2.5% fish to 97.5% water)

Cooking Methods: Baked, broiled, seared

Day Boat Scallops

Our cold-water North Atlantic Sea Scallops are graded, rinsed and blast frozen within days of harvest.  Our scallops are "dry" meaning they have never been treated with any chemicals or preservatives.  The dryness of the scallops enable the firm, sweet texture to sear perfectly retaining the moisture of the scallop and preventing overcooking.

Wild Caught I Product of North America I No Chemicals or Antibiotics

Cooking Methods: Seared, baked, broiled, sashimi

Longline Swordfish

Longline caught in local New England waters or sourced from the cold waters around the globe these migratory fish are known for their meaty texture and rich robust flavor - a meat lovers dream.  

Wild-caught I Sustainable

Cooking Methods: Grilled (steak or kabob), Seafood Stew

Handpicked Lobster Meat

Our hand-picked lobster meat is unparalleled in the market.  We steam, ice and pick live lobster tail, knuckle and claw meat daily - producing a product with no additives, chemicals or stringy claw meat.

Wild-caught I Sustainable I Product of North America

Cooking Methods: Lobster meat is fully cooked - toss in your favorite pasta, top your favorite fish, make lobster salad


Handline Tuna

Our Handline Tuna is caught in the turquoise waters off of the coasts of The Maldives.   It is Fair Trade certified and 100% traceable.  The deep purple and brown hues are the spectacular color of - natural.  Unlike the majority of tuna on the market, our Tuna is not treated to enhance color.  When left in steak form, the Tuna can be seared in minutes or diced up and served with rice, avocado and seasonal vegetables in a poke bowl.  It is the perfect candidate for a quick and easy weeknight meal!



Wild-caught I Fair Trade Certified I Product of the Maldives I Sustainable

Cooking Methods: Seared, Raw


Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp

Our Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp has as sweet, superior flavor and firm texture and comes raw peeled, tail on so it can be easily sauteed, grilled, baked or fried without having to be peeled first. The shrimp are sized 16/20 which means there are between 16-20 shrimp in every pound.  Each 6 oz. portion contains 6-8 wild caught, raw peeled tail on shrimp.  

Wild Caught I Product of USA I No Antibiotics

Cooking Methods: Grilled, sauteed, baked, broiled, boiled, fried


Lobster Tails

Our cold water lobster tails are produced daily in our facility.  They are packed full of meat and flavor.

Wild-caught I Sustainable I Product of North America

Cooking Methods: Broil, Grill, Steam, Bake


Fish Fixe Crab Cakes

Our custom Fish Fixe Crab Cakes are as big in size as they are in flavor.  They are made with 100% Wild Caught Gulf of Mexico Blue Crab and boast 5.5 oz. of unreal flavor.  Enjoy them as a meal atop a crunchy slaw or as an appetizer to please the crowd.

100% Wild Caught Gulf of Mexico Blue Crab


Cooking Methods: Bake, Pan Fry, Use as seafood stuffing in another Fish Fixe protein


Canadian Halibut

Our Canadian Halibut is sustainably sourced in the North Atlantic.  The delicate, flaky texture and mild taste of this premium protein makes it a staple on restaurant menus around the country.  It is simple to prepare and easy to eat!

Wild-caught I Sustainable I Product of North America

Cooking Methods: Bake, Broil, Steam, Poach


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